BA6101X1 Electric Bunsen WITHOUT Controller

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Electric Bunsen WITHOUT Controller (US voltage) / BA6101X1

The BA6101X1 Electric Bunsen combines the advantages of a regular gas burner with the clean easy operation of Electrothermal's Electromantles. Radiation from the heater is directed upwards to a focal point. The Electric Bunsen is ideal for heating test tubes, crucibles, small flasks and beakers, regardless of their shape. It is corrosion-resistant and has a cool-to-touch base.

Key Features
• Conical shaped heating element directs radiant heat to the top cavity
• Top cowl deflects heat away from your hand
• Air circulation from the vented housing keeps the base cool enough to hold during operation
• Burner runs on 230V and only consumes only 400W of power
• Recommended controller is MC5X1 which is not supplied

***Please note this is the 115V, 60Hz version for the US***

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Electric Bunsen WITHOUT Controller (US voltage)

Full product specification.move

Full product specification.

Part Code BA6101X1
Description Electric Bunsen
Max Temperature 800°C
Material Stainless Steel
Shipping weight 0.5kg
Dimensions #40d x h) 120mm x 177mm
Electrical Supply 115V 50/ 60Hz, 430W
Material Stainless steel
Maximum temperature range 800°C
Dimenions (dia x h), mm 120 x 177
Shipping weight , kg 0.5