Bibbypet bottle top dispenser 1 to 10ml volume

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Bibbypet bottle top dispenser 1 to 10ml volume / BD10

Economical dispensing of non-aggressive liquids
Low-cost replaceable piston/cylinder and valves
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Simple to operate
Automatic refill

The BibbyPet bottle top dispenser provides a low cost option for liquid dispensing without compromising on accuracy or reliability. The Bibbypet's innovative design utilises materials suitable for routinely dispensing many common laboratory liquids .... dilute acids, buffers, biological solutions, polar solvents, even strong alkaline solutions.

* The values of accuracy and coefficient of variant are final test values referring to the delivered nominal volume, instrument and distilled water at equilibrium with ambient temperature (20°C) and with smooth operation.

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Bibbypet bottle top dispenser 1 to 10ml volume

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Full product specification.


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1 to 10 0.2 1.2 0.2