250ml CMU Heating Mantle without control CMU0250/E

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250ml CMU Heating Mantle without control (230V) / CMU0250/E

CMU heating mantles are used in wet chemistry to heat liquids in round bottom flasks. The metal case is designed with ventilation slots to keep the outer casing cool when in operation. Electrothermal heating mantles have a grounded stainless steel earth screen covering the element and are double fused for added safety.

• Valuable for fume hood or remote working
• Must be used with a controller; recommended controllers are MC5 or MC242
• Round bottom flask capacities of 250ml
• Unique ventilation keeps outer casing cool
• Element temperatures up to 450°C
• Indicator lamps for power and heater operation
• Replaceable insulated heater cartridge
• Easy to clean powder coated aluminium casing
• Non-skid feet and support clamps (but not including the support rods)
• Flexible coiled heating elements absorb shock, minimising the risk of flask breakage
• Heating element is attached to a rigid thermal insulating cartridge to ensure maximum heat transfer and support
• Safety features such as grounded earth stainless steel screen covering the heating element


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250ml CMU Heating Mantle without control (230V)

Full product specification.move

Full product specification.

CMU Models CMU0250/E
Flask capacity 250ml
Case material Powder coated aluminum
Max element temperature 450°C
Dimensions (d x w x h), mm 175 x 175 x 150
Shipping weight, kg 0.75