EMEA60500/CE 6 x 500ml Stirring Multi (Extraction) Mantle

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6 x 500ml Stirring Multi (Extraction) Mantle (230V) / EMEA60500/CE

The EMEA60500/CE Stirring Multi (Extraction) Mantle with six recesses has a built-in electronic temperature controller and stirring control. It may be used with the FM110 Flow Monitor to cntrol water flow through the glass condenser. The vented case's unique air flow ensures the case remains "cool-to-the-touch".

Key features for EMEA60500/CE
• Individual built-in solid state electronic controls enable easy regulation of heater, while removing sparking associated with mechanical switching
• Three 12.7mm diameter support rods are included
• Round bottom flask capacity of 500ml at all 6 positions
• Top cover is polypropylene and external surfaces are powder coated giving good general chemical resistance
• Coiled heating element is suspended within a thermal insulating cartridge to provide maximum heat transfer and support
• Earth (ground) screen encloses the heater for added safety
• Individual heater cartridges are replaceable
• Neon lights indicate when power is on and supplied to heaters and stirrers.
• Allow the solution to be stirred and heated simultaneously
• Provide stirring speeds of between 50 to 1000rpm
• One stirring control for all six recesses

Please note: Glassware is not included

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6 x 500ml Stirring Multi (Extraction) Mantle (230V)

Full product specification.move

Full product specification.

Model Flask Capacity Dimensions (d x w x h), mm No. of Recesses Electrical Requirements Shipping Weight, kg
EMEA60500/CE  6 x 500ml 270 x 1280 x 110 6 230v 50/ 60Hz, 1280W UK and EU plug 7