Very accurate temperature control with Techne Dri Block heaters

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DB-2A Dri-Block Heater / FDB02AD

Techne's Dri-block® heaters provide a safe, dry, constant temperature source in the laboratory. The block heater units are particularly suitable for microbiology and clinical laboratories for incubation, boiling, inactivation, wet washing, sample concentration, enzyme analysis and many other clinical and industrial purposes.

• Small, light and compact footprint, economical price
• Very accurate temperature control
• Analogue control. Temperature setting is by a calibrated dial
• Temperature range from ambient to 100°C
• Fast heat-up rate: 30°C to 100°C in just 12 minutes
• Temperature stability at 40°C: ± 0.05°C
• Wide range of interchangeable aluminium blocks (NOT INCLUDED)
• Blocks available as accessories for all applications - tubes, vials and microplates
• Can hold up to 2 aluminium insert blocks or one 96-well plate block
• Block extraction tool is supplied, allowing blocks to be removed easily
• 3-year warranty as standard

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DB-2A Dri-Block Heater

Full product specification.move

Full product specification.

Parameter DB-2A  
Temperature range Ambient to 100°C
Maximum no. of blocks 2
Temperature stability @40°C ±0.05°C
Temperature stability @ 100°C ±0.1°C
Temperature setting Rotary graduated dial  
Temperature scale graduation 2°C    
Temperature display NA
Maximum variation between identical blocks @ 40°C 0.2°C  
Set point accuracy ±2°C  
Heat up time: 30 to 37°C 8
Heat up time: 30 to 56°C 9
Heat up time: 30 to Maximum 12
RS232 option available No
Heater power 300W  
Power supply 230V 50-60 Hz
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 202 x 260 x 105
Shipping Weight 4kg