Hybridisation Tubes

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HB-1D Large 80mm glass hybridisation tubes with end caps / FHB12

Versatile multiple tube formats; mix and match sizes within an instrument to cater for different throughputs, users and applications. Glass hybridisation tubes reduce volumes, simplify washing and improve signals!

• Tubes and other accessories can be accommodated at the same time for multiple uses
• Low probe volume, even with large glass tubes. Rotation and design ensure volumes as low as 5ml can be used and recovered
• Unique slot-in tubes; with tube rotation speed of 0 to 20 rpm; controllable to suit your application
• Radioactive safe; protective casing and non-drip tube design minimises risk to the user
• 3 sizes available: small, mini and unique large tubes
• Durable: thick borosilicate glass
• Easy pour: non drip, safe and convenient
• Sealing ring: O ring-sealed end caps ensure no leakage!
• Escape thread on screw cap: easy opening with no vacuum problems
• Tube assemblies: adaptors to hold multiple small glass tubes for increased capacity

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HB-1D Large 80mm glass hybridisation tubes with end caps