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Hybrigene HB-3D Hybridisation Incubator, 120V, / FHB4DP

The flexibility you need with the quality you expect from an established world leader in temperature control instrumentation. Ideal for blotting techniques in which RNA and DNA or protein are immobolised onto nylon nitrocellulose filters.

 Temperature range from 10°C above ambient to 80°C
• Can hold up to 16 mini or 4 large glass tubes
• Flexibility at an affordable price, offering excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity
• The Hybrigene is a compact, stackable alternative to the Hybridiser HB-1D - for when space is important
• Stack up to 3 ovens, saving on valuable laboratory space

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Hybrigene HB-3D Hybridisation Incubator, 120V,

Full product specification.move

Full product specification.

Specification Hybrigene HB-3D
Maximum glass tube capacity 16 mini tubes  
Maximum temperature 80°C
Minimum temperature 10°C above ambient
Adjustable rotation speed 0, 5 to 20 rpm
Adjustable rocking platform 5-20 or 15-60 opm
Stability in chamber <1.0°C
Stability in tubes <±0.1°C
Uniformity in chamber <±1.5°C
Uniformity in tube <±0.5°C
Temperature set point resolution 0.1°C
Absolute accuracy <±0.3°C
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 355 x 383 x 432
Voltage 120V
Power 750W  
Shipping Weight 21kg