Pressmatic bottle top dispenser PD5R

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Pressmatic R Liquid dispenser 1.0 to 5.0ml Capacity / PD5R

New ergonomic design with recirculation valve
Chemically resistant and non-sticking ceramic piston
Simple & accurate volume setting
Fully rotational on bottle for optimum positioning
Accuracy within 0.7%. Supplied with calibration certificate
Can be autoclaved at 121°C

The Pressmatic dispensers have an innovative design that maximises safety and ease of use. A recirculation valve means that reagent used for priming is delivered straight back into the bottle making it safer and less wasteful. Once the dispenser has been fitted to the bottle, it is fully rotational for optimum positioning. The precise volume setting is by a self-locking rotating ring that is robust, easy to use and will not move during operation. The piston is manufactured from high-grade ceramic eliminating abrasion and sticking. The liquid pathway is made up of glass, PTFE and ceramic to give outstanding chemical resistance. The whole unit can be autoclaved without dismantling. Each Pressmatic dispenser is supplied with 3 x bottle adapters to fit most types of vessel and a works calibrated certificate. A full range of spare parts are available.

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Pressmatic R Liquid dispenser 1.0 to 5.0ml Capacity