Vacuum Pump for use with RE30X Stuart Rotary Evaporators, RE3022C

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Variable rate vacuum Pump for RE30X / RE3022C

Quiet operation, no vibration
Long life PTFE heads and diaphragm
Vacuum regulator for easy adjustment
Integral catch pots. No maintenance dry system

The RE3022C is a powerful, compact vacuum pump. Constructed with solid PTFE heads, PTFE diaphragms and Kalrez® valves the pump is designed to withstand the challenging role of a chemical laboratory pump.

The pump is useful for any applications requiring vacuum generation and is ideal for use with the Stuart rotary evaporator. By utilising a pump to place the rotary evaporator under vacuum, distillation efficiency is greatly improved. By reducing the pressure within the glassware of the rotary evaporator solvents can be evaporated off at lower temperatures ensuring the bath can be kept at a safer temperature.

The RE3022C includes vacuum regulator and catch pots to protect the pump from liquid ingress, as standard.


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Variable rate vacuum Pump for RE30X

Full product specification.move

Full product specification.

Ultimate pressure 12mbar
Flow rate 21 per min
Net weight 9.6kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 172 x 352 x 223mm
Electrical supply 230V, 50-60Hz, 150W