External printer for the 7200

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Printer for the 72 Series & SMP50 / SMP50/PRINTER

The printer connects to the Stuart SMP50 automatic melting point and also the Jenway 7200 via the USB.

When used with the Jenway 7200 the printer connects via the port on the rear of the spectrophotometer and will provide
instant results. Spectrum and kinetics graphs are printed in the vertical direction to maximise the amount of information displayed. The spectrophotometer can be set up to either manually or automatically send results to the printer.

When used with the Stuart SMP50 the printer connects via USB to the SMP50. By selecting your result and clicking print on the user interface a printed record of your result will be produced.

The printer has a rechargeable battery and is supplied with UK, EU and US power leads.

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Printer for the 72 Series & SMP50